Cost Analysis

Ford F-250 6.4 Powerstroke

Driving down the road and, you get the message Reduced Engine Power and then the truck shuts off, you found out your engine is seized or have a knock to it what do you do?

6.4 Powerstroke > 6.7 Cummins CR 2008 Industrial Engine B20 Life 300K Miles usually is around 500,000 - 750,0000

EPA 07 200-325HP 

520 - 750 LB Torque.

Cost Part
Cummins ISB Engine $7,000
Cummins ISB Labor Swap $3,600
 Adapter Plate 5R110W Transmission
Flex Plate $500.00
Engine Mount $500.00
Harness Modification $500.00
SwapHelper Tach $500.00
Sensor Adapters $500.00
Air Intake Conversion $500.00
Intercooler Kit $500.00
Throttle Pedal Module $500.00
Cruise Helper $500.00
Radiator Hose Conversion $500.00
Total $16,100

With the Cummins ISB Industrial not FCA / Chrysler (Pick up Truck Version) the engine life is typical longer because its meant for industrial use.

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Ford F-250 6.7 Powerstroke

Price on a new truck may have different discounts or pricing. But of course with inflation the price of everything tend to go up. This is a basic priced XLT or Lariat Ford F250 with the 6.7 Powerstroke.

6.7 Powerstroke B20 Life 250K Miles is usually 150,000 - 295,000

EPA 24 475HP

1050 LB Torque

Cost Model
2024 Ford F-250 XL $54,130
2024 Ford F-250 XLT $61,935
2024 Ford F-250 Lariat $80,560
2024 Ford F-250 King Ranch $86,510
Used 2021 Ford F-250 King Ranch 100,000 Miles $58,965

These engines are not industrial and are based on Personal Driving Preferences so you may or may not get the miles intended to reach.  

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